Miele Barista CM5200 Coffee Machine

Miele Barista CM5200
Coffee Machine

For decades, German manufacturer Miele has been best known in North America for its hepa-filtered, $500+ vacuum cleaners even though its high-end kitchen and laundry appliances have been available in the US for almost thirty years.

Miele’s freestanding CM5000-series coffee machines were introduced in the US last year, and sold predominantly at Williams-Sonoma and a couple of Amazon outlets. The latest, the 5200 is more advanced and more expensive than the 5000 and the 5100 models that preceded it. Respective prices for the three machines, all still available as of 12/2012, though the 5000 is no longer manufactured, are $1700, $2000, and $2500.

The CM5200 has as many automatic, convenience features as any home brewer we know of, though at its heart, it’s an espresso machine, with a 15-bar pump to extract the grounds. You might wonder why you’d spend $2500 on a new, bells-and-whistles laden model that tries to be all things to every (affluent) coffee drinker, when, instead, you could buy the best prosumer espresso machine on the market, AND a high end, commercial-level burr grinder for less, and pull the best espresso shots anywhere.

Simple: the CM5200 is loaded with automatic features, and the Miele pedigree counts for a lot at this price point. To set up the Miele Barista, place whole roasted beans in the bean hopper (or ground coffee in the grinds hopper), fill the removable 61-ounce water tank, and the 16.9 ounce milk flask, select cup size, brew strength, and temperature, and, finally, adjust the height of the brew spouts. The machine is now ready will to brew single or double espressos, regular coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos with the touch of a button.

The brewer can be operated in two modes, one that keeps the water close to brewing temperature, the other a more energy-saving mode. Its programmability includes the adjustable, on-board conical grinder, and the electronic steamer, for heated or frothed milk. It has a top warming tray and automatic prompts for bean and water replenishment. The main brew apparatus is removable for easy cleaning and there is an automatic self-cleaning function for the milk frother.

The CM5200 has a power rating of 1200 watts. Dimensions are 10.5”w x 19.5” d x 14.5” h.

Miele CM5200

Williams-Sonoma CM5200

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